Rebecca Davis - Be Smylee
Rebecca Davis - Bringing Services with a SMILE!
Be Smylee
(^_^) Smile... a simple act!!
  A gesture that is truly contagious and infectious
 in any culture. 
One act of communication that's worth a
 thousand words, in any language.
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"Smile On"

Smiling is a great way to make a lasting impression and positive impact in someone else's life. A Smile makes you stand out while helping your body to function better. Use a smile to improve your health, your stress level, and your attractiveness. Smiling is just one fun way to live happier…
**I will Smile.. for any reason, every reason and for no reason!!** ~me
(^_^) You know one lil act of smiling can improve a pregnant mom's day and lower stress chemicals to their baby. Encouraging happiness in new moms also improves overall health of the mother, partner and baby. Make a Momma's Day amazing with encouraging words and positive affirmations. Not to mention it will also make you feel fantastic and more available to her emotional needs.. To all my fellow doulas, bring love, joy and extra happiness to your clients it can be a challenging road.
My Goal is to make others smile, spread happiness, joy and endless resources.
I want to also inspire, lead, motivate, empower and to help you positively promote the
transformations of your
 individual talents
 into skills for your success!!!
Rebecca Davis

Transforming Talents into
Successful Skills!
You already have the talents you need to be successful, but a little transformation in the delivery is all you need to reach your full potential and success.~Be Smylee
Inspirational Speaker and Motivator
I am offering seminars and opportunities for others to learn the techniques and skills I have gained personally, sharing all  the benefits that have excelled my levels of success in all areas of my life. Offering tools for advertising, promoting one self,website design,
offering ways to "getting your name out there" and ways to become more approachable.
Empowering women is my mission, through birth experiences to business experiences.
I am here as a resource, motivator, trainer and coach.
   How can I help you?

Seminars coming soon!
If you are interested in booking a seminar,
or just meeting one on one
 please contact and or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.
Rebecca Davis

Hey Doulas Need a lil boost in getting motivated??
**What are your tips for doulas trying to get their DONA certification?**
Find time every single day to work towards ur certificate,even if its reading articles related to bettering your skills or learning something new. Journal and write down all birth experiences and what u learned thru ur experience even if u don't use that for ur packet. Talk to local doulas, moms, and keep up with the birth community!! Most importantly, Enjoy ur journey, one step at a time and feel free to look me up ..  Ps. Never hurts to start getting your name out when putting together ur resource list, try to meet them personally and exchange cards!!!!! U r also a Resource to them!!!! Be a Positive being and bring joy to families.
SMILES2YA!!! Happy Doula'in!!!!!
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