Great Remedies or Solutions for Chronic Snoring

If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of having to sleep in the same room as someone who snores, you know that it can be absolutely infuriating. The hardest part about snoring being an issue, is that often times it does not bother the person who is doing the snoring so they are not compelled to try and change it. On top of that, often times it feels like there is nothing we can do about it. This is a myth that should not be perpetuated, it is completely false. There are plenty of ways to help or improve snoring issues, you just have to be creative sometimes. I don’t snore myself, but I did grow up with a father that snored terribly and my mother was constantly sleeping on the couch or in one of our bedrooms to avoid it, or maybe to just avoid him all together. I have never asked my dad to attempt to try any of the remedies you will read about here, although I did have a boyfriend who snored and he seemed to find several of these successful in the past. To learn more about how to improve chronic snoring, keep reading.

Change Your Position

If you want to solve your snoring issues sometimes all it takes is changing the position that you sleep in. Often times sleeping on our backs can encourage the issues that cause snoring and will just make it worse. If you sleep on your side or your stomach you may be able to improve the issue slightly. This is probably the first thing you should try. I have even pushed someone to roll them over while they were dead asleep snoring. Even changing your pillows to elevate your head in a different way can sometimes make a difference.

Change Your Lifestyle

I have heard that snoring can be induced by certain unhealthy habits or an unhealthy lifestyle. This can be a harder one to change, definitely much harder than changing the position you sleep in. However, these types of changes can have a long-term effect that could potentially solve your snoring problems all together. The two issues that are most commonly associated with snoring are being overweight and drinking too much alcohol. If you are able to lose weight or avoid alcohol it is possible that your snoring will go away completely.

Over the Counter Nasal Openers

One of the most commonly tried solutions is a nasal passage opener. There are so many different options for what this could be. Visit your local Walgreens to scope out the best option for you. Some of the more common ones that people have used in the past are the sticky strips that go on the outside of your nose and essentially pull it open to allow more air to pass through.

Drink More Water

Staying hydrated has also been said to help prevent snoring. If you do not drink a lot of water to begin with this may be something that will have multiple other health benefits for you. Keeping yourself hydrated is important for so many reasons.