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Empowering women to obtain the birth they envision for themselves and easing couple's transition into parenthood is my Desire...
Being of Service and Support for New and Expecting parents is my Passion...
Seeing the miracle of life is a Gift...
Rebecca Davis
with Doulas Divine

ALL Birth Doula, Postpartum
Newborn Care Specialist,
Night Care Services and Breastfeeding Support
 with a SMILE!!!

My name is Rebecca Davis.
I am a Birth Doula, 
Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist, Lactation Specialist, Childbirth Educator & BA/BS in Early Childhood Education & Infant development.
Major in Psychology and Behavioral Science.

*Serving Sonoma County, 
 Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma and surrounding communities
with a dedicated Doula who provides support throughout the birth process and after!!*
on your upcoming new arrival!!!
When your birth matters, take matters into your birth. Birth Doula Service is one of those things to consider during a memorable moment such as childbirth. 
Rebecca Davis is dedicated to your needs!!

I support childbearing women and their families emotionally, physically and offer information that is needed to create Positive Birth Experiences. I offer guidance, tips on positioning, comfort measures and make suggestions that will encourage and empower families.
I am respectful and supportive of your hopes and expectations about labor and childbirth plans. I support intimate relationship and by no means will displace the partner but offer an extra set of hands. I provide continuous focused support and a continuity of care.
I work well with the medical staff to help achieve the desired
wishes of the family.
 I offer helpful resources to support breastfeeding and also help to ease your transition into parenthood.
Every woman deserves to have the birth she has always dreamed of. Regardless if you are looking for a medicated or non-medicated birth, doula care during your labor and birth can help achieve your desired birth experience.
What benefits come from having a Doula during your labor,birth and postpartum:
  • Find ways to create a positive birth environment
  • Bring an essence of relaxation,calm and nurturing help
  • Focused attention and continuous care for needs of mother and partner
  • Encouragement and wisdom from an experienced mother/doula
  • Support, guidance and suggestions to comfort and empower women and their families.
  • Respectful and supportive of your childbirth plans, expectations,hopes and desired birth experience.
  • Breastfeeding help, support and teaching latching & pumping skills
  • After baby comes home help and support
  • And many more physical, emotional and birth related support

My Doula Service benefits all women including high risk pregnancies, mothers with diabetes, experiences with past miscarriages/stillborn/c-sections, VBAC, in-vitro fertilization, gay friendly, single mothers,
and/or children that may be born with disabilities.
Be Sure to ASK about
"New Mama & Baby Night Call" Services
Newborn Care Specialist
 Postpartum Doula Services!!!
I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the field. I find being there at your birth would be a privilege and treat it as such. Happy Birthing Wishes!!!
Give a call today to arrange a Free
"Getting to Know Each Other" appointment!

Rebecca Davis

 Tell your friends it's what you want, they can all pitch in!!!

 *~♥ Busy Baby it!!!!♥~*

**Gay Friendly** 

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